Annual Schedule for 2018

NOTE: Although we have some scheduled special activities and events for the times noted below, we the Hyde Street Living History Players are on the pier all day from 11:00-5:00, and we want to bring you back in time to join us in our world, in our time–1901.  Unless otherwise indicated in the schedule below, our special events are held at noon and at 2:00.

March 10, 2018:  Suffragette march, in support of Women’s History Month. You are invited to join the living history reenactment of a suffragette march (12:00 and 3:00) in support of votes for women!  Contact:

April 14, 2018:  Chautauqua at Hyde Street Pier. At noon, a special program of visiting luminaries sure to enlighten the hearts and minds of all who witness this amazing Chautauqua. Reprise at 2:00. Contact:

May 12, 2018:  Hyde Street honors President William McKinley during his visit to San Francisco in 1901, when he and his wife came here for the launch of the battleship “Ohio.”  Contact:

June 9, 2018:  Make and Mend”: Sailors’ arts, sailmending and knifemaking, and everyday crafts as practiced in 1901.  Contact:

July 14, 2018: Living History re-creates the 1901 Waterfront Strike that paralyzed San Francisco for five months. You can take part at noon in reliving this vital yet often overlooked part of west coast labor organization at noon, and again at 2:00.  Contact:

August 18, 2018:  Festival of the Sea 9:30-5:00.  Live sea music on three stages, all day.  The living history players will be on hand to lend an air of historical accuracy to the festival, and enjoy the many flavors of sea music.  Contact:

September 8, 2018:  Picnic on the Beach, with the latest in 1901 Bathing Attire. Weather permitting, but we will be on the pier all day.  Contact:

October 13 2018: : Ladies’ Seamen’s Friend Society: Seagoing libraries, sailor’s literacy program.  Contact:

November 10, 2018: Recognition of Hawaii’s changing status in the world when Queen Liluokalani visits San Francisco on her return from the U.S. capitol in November 1901.  The City’s role in transoceanic Pacific trade comes to the fore.  Contact:

December 8, 2018:   “Christmas on the Ark” with the Living History Players.

Our typical daily schedule goes something like this:

  • 10:00-10:30—For those who will need costuming, meet on Eureka, per prior arrangement with costuming department.
  • 11:00-11:30—Orientation meeting on upper level of Eureka, to discuss events of the day
  • 12:00-1:00—The first of the day’s two “scenes,” a dramatic event moving up and down the pier. The public is invited to interact with the Living History Players.
  • 1:00-2:00—Lunch for the Living History Players, often on board the Ark. The public is invited to converse with us during our repast.
  • 2:00-3:00—The second of the day’s two “scenes,” a dramatic event moving up and down the pier. The public is invited to interact with the Living History Players.
  • 3:00-4:00—Regularly scheduled programs “Ladies’ Salon” on board the Ark, and “Dogwatch” sea music on board Balclutha, after which we close up shop and depart until next month.





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